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Environment 170 Colloquium with Peter Sinsheimer

Environment 170 Colloquium

Peter Sinsheimer, Ph.D., MPH
UCLA Sustainable Technology & Policy Program

Implementing a Risk Prevention Paradigm: The Role of Alternatives Analysis in Chemical Policy Legislation in the Europe and California

Alternatives analysis is science/policy tool for identifying safer substitutes for hazardous products and industrial processes. By focusing on the viability of safer alternatives rather than the acceptability of risk, alternatives analysis has capacity to more efficiently and more effectively drive innovation and diffusion as safer substitutes than the existing risk management approach. This talk will first provide an overview of the alternatives analysis approach. Next, the talk will discuss industry’s use of alternatives analysis and how alternatives analysis is incorporated into federal, state, and international laws regulating hazardous chemicals. The talk will then focus in how alternatives analysis fits into the framework of the European Union’s new chemical policy legislation (REACH) and California’s Safer Product Legislation (AB1879). Specific examples will be given to illustrate how the alternatives analysis approach can be implemented.

Wed, 2011-05-04 16:00 - 17:30