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UCLA Center for Occupational & Environmental Health.

Law & Policy

STPP aims to clear the path for effective, balanced chemical policies, and to assist in the use of safer chemicals and processes in the marketplace. Just as rigorous science is essential to achieving these goals, so too is a focus on law, policy, and business management. For example, what would a state or federal law incorporating alternatives analysis rather than risk analysis actually look like? What are the organizational barriers faced by business firms seeking to adopt safer chemicals or safer manufacturing processes? Answering these and other questions regarding policy and business decision-making are critical to effective preventive chemical regulation and management.

In this regard, STPP engages in four primary activities:
(1) empirical research and policy analysis
(2) expert support for policymakers, businesses, and non-profit organizations
(3) education
(4) public outreach

Our empirical and policy work links together science, law, policy and business in unique ways. Take the question of why—in so many different contexts—businesses and consumers continue to use clearly hazardous materials even when safer, feasible alternatives exist or are emerging. STPP researchers meld field work such as stakeholder interviewing and archival document searches with legal, economic, and organizational analysis to address these questions. They use the results of that empirical analysis to inform evaluation of potential policy responses.

While STPP’s researchers reside at academic institutions, their work is not simply for journals and law reviews; it is meant to be used by government policymakers, NGOs and business managers. These groups turn to STPP for assistance in developing and evaluating the wide variety of policy and management tools available, including regulatory tools such as alternatives analysis, information disclosure, and innovative management-based regulation.

Students at UCLA engage with STPP through participation as research staff in a variety of STPP projects, as well as in the classroom. STPP faculty teach a broad range of undergraduate and graduate classes in law, public health, business management and other areas, including the campus’ interdisciplinary Leaders in Sustainability program. Outreach activities include conferences, webinars, seminars, and blogging.

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