Wetclean Care Label

Wetcleaning is a safe, cost effective alternative to toxic dry cleaning. The FTC is considering whether to allow or require manufacturers to label clothes with a professional wetclean label if the garment can be safely wetcleaned. Requiring the wetclean label would increase consumers’ awareness of professional wetcleaning, and help them choose a non-toxic alternative to traditional drycleaning. You can find the draft regulations here.

STPP’s Dr. Peter Sinsheimer presented at the FTC roundtable March 28, 2014, on why a label would help consumers be aware the non-toxic cleaning option. View the slides from his presentation
Creating a New Care Label for Environmentally Friendly Professional Wetcleaning: Why Reliable Evidence Supports Its Required Use

Contact the FTC!

Tell the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that as a consumer you want to know whether garments can be cleaned by non-toxic methods!

If you agree that garments should be labeled ‘professional wetclean’ when applicable, tell the FTC to require the wetclean label, so as a consumer you can make an informed decision about how to professionally clean your clothes.