Toxic chemicals are everywhere in modern-day society. They are on the food we buy at supermarkets, in the soaps, cosmetics, and hair products we put on our bodies, in the clothing that we wear, in the water we drink, and the air that we breathe. Despite a wide variety of federal and state laws designed to limit the release of chemicals in the environment, workers in all kinds of jobs, and people going through their daily lives, are continuously exposed to a number of toxic and potentially deadly chemicals without even knowing it.

Our goal at STPP is ambitious -- to participate in the creation of new green chemical policies for the State of California and the United States, and to help design new policies that will phase out toxic chemicals whenever possible.

STPP is involved in a number of projects involving toxic chemicals in the dry cleaning industry, in freight transportation, or “goods movement” in California, and in the emerging field of nanotechnology. STPP is also working to study the risks involved with known toxic chemicals like lead, which despite its known toxicity is found in many consumer products in American society, and methyl iodide, a deadly new chemical proposed as an alternative pesticide for use in a number of fruits and vegetables we consume.

For more information on green chemistry science and policy in California and beyond, read this report co-authored by STPP.

Image by Allison Cook