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Methyl Iodide

Not So Fast California!

Assembly Oversight Hearing on the Use of Methyl Iodide in California

Click on the link above to view Dr. Froines' and Dr. Solomon's testimony regarding the use of Methyl Iodide before the California Assembly on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.

Washington-1, California-0

The current administration has ignored the recommendations of outstanding scientists including DPR’s own independent Scientific Review Committee (SRC) chaired by STPP Co-Director, Dr. John Froines and they have approved registration of the fumigant, methyl iodide. In contrast the State of Washington has rejected use of the fumigant. DPR received 53,000 public comments with the vast majority opposing registration.

Strawberry Fields...Forever?

Amy Standen, a reporter for California Watch wrote an article on June 6, 2010, Scientists Question New Chemical Strawberry Fields. describing the intent of California pesticide regulators plan to approve a new agricultural chemical called methyl iodide for the state's coastal strawberry fields, allowing levels of exposure that the state's own experts say will put farm workers and bystanders at risk.

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